Flash Clocks

Here's some more semi-recent flash work. For some reason I find clocks supremely interesting. Perhaps its because you have so many numbers to play with and they're all constantly changing.

This first clock is based on Grand Theft Auto 3 HUD:
time = time, cash = seconds (last 2 only), armor = month, health = date,
stars = day (all empty for sunday, full for saturday), and finally
a symbol for day/night indication (7am-7pm = sun, 7pm-am = martini).

Ticker clock:
Day (24 hour bar), hours (12 hour bar), minutes, seconds.

Simple circular design inspired by the Japanese flag:
Hours, minutes, seconds.


  1. No binary-ness? I expect much better next time.

  2. Thanks, Jill.

    And sorry travis....I'll rectify that soon.
    ...i do have a ternary clock lying around somewhere.