To get past the "What should I draw?" feeling that usually keeps me staring at a blank page/screen for a long time with no direction, I decided to speedpaint to music until i got a picture I liked. The basic method is this:

1) Turn your music on to random
2) Open a small, blank photoshop document (I used 600x400) and paint it some color other than white (blue or brown work well)
3) set your fore and background colors to black and white. Only paint with these colors and only use one brush (varying in size as you desire).
4) for each new song, create a new layer. Paint only black and white on that layer until the song ends. Try to let the song choose the direction of the painting, by lyrics or mood or whatever. Repeat.

Once I hit one I liked I spent a little more time on it; 10 minutes tops.

Here are my results. I don't think they're terribly good, but it's better than a blank page, and thats a step in the right direction.

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